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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Every Smart Phone Lovers Must Know 8 Key Features Of New Blackberry Passport Device

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Blackberry Passport Device
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After 2000 to till now technological advancement has achieved a lot. And not only that human life becomes much easier than before due to having some outstanding devices at their own hand. Today we will introduce with Blackberry Passport mobile phone which will allow you to work with a large touch-enabled square keyboard. More than 80% world renowned mobile professionals think that it will initiate you be more productive and active continuously. During designing the blackberry passport the manufacturer has to face so many challenges and they have to bring out from traditional mobile chases and make it an ideal smartphone to all world class business professionals. It breaks the tradition of a rectangular screen with the replacement of square screen. Now we will introduce with all outstanding features of Blackberry Passport device:- 

1. 4.5 Inch Square Screen : 

It has 4.5 inches Corning Gorilla 3 glass with having 1:1 ratio, 1440×1440 pixel square HD display. Gorilla 3 glass will give extra superb strength to it for heavy users. It has released with 453 dpi at its screen display. 

2. Innovative Keyboard : 

Only the Blackberry Passport Users would be able to have the taste of entering inputs at new responsive touch device and let you ready to perform multi functions directly on the mobile phone screen. Which will initiate you scrolling the web page easily, flicking for typing or sliding on the keys due to moving the cursor frequently, give up the full screen for fully viewing? 

3. New Blackberry 10.3 OS: 

By this time many of us know that The Blackberry Passport has released with new blackberry 10.3 Operating System having so many previous outstanding features such as Amazon Appstore, Blackberry Blend, and Blackberry Assistant. The 10.3 Blackberry OS can give a fresh look to all icons, and make it updated and the users can easily access most used applications at the phone screen. 

4. Long Lasting Battery Life : 

New Blackberry Passport has released out with 3450 mAh battery, which is highest battery capacity rather than top selling smartphone and phablets, It stands the device up to 30 hours. This long lasting battery capacity will move forward the users go get more engaging to it. 

5. Volume Apps Store Facility :

(a) Blackberry Store : Blackberry Apps Store can deliver world class apps to business executives and other professionals to enhance and broad their business activity and communication with other people just within a minute only. 

(b) Amazon Apps Store Facility : Many of us might be known that Blackberry Passport Device is preloaded with volumes of Amazon Apps such as latest and popular games, android apps etc. Candy Crush Saga, Pinterest, Temple run 2, Cut The Rope 2 and Pocket Edition.

6. Blackberry Supporter Assistance  : 

All smartphone user would be really amazed to know that, the new Blackberry assistant works as a digital assistant to use voice and text command to give aid for managing personal email, calendar, all contacts and another build in blackberry 10 apps. But The Blackberry Assistant respond depends on how you are interaction with it. Let's understand with a real example and that is, during your typing it will respond silently, if you start speaking then it will back the speaks and if you turn on  Bluetooth then it will deliver respond via additional context due to assuming that you mightn’t be able to get access the phone’s screen. 

7. World Class Hardware Components : 

The Blackberry Passport Device is built with user most demanding and superb durable hardware mechanism and technology such as 13 Mega Pixel OIS rear camera, 3 GB RAM, 2.2 GHz Quad Core Processor and 32 GB built-in memory capacity. 

8. Natural Sound Experiences : 

Blackberry Passport has come with superb natural sound experiences with having best quality speakers and quad microphone system facility. The latest Blackberry Natural Sound Technology is fairly compatible to receive Wi-Fi and cellular call sound which really relies on phone position and existing background noises. And not only that it is compatible to adjust volume.