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About Us

My name is Jijon, trying to be a successful full time blogger to have a blogging taste and deliver latest relevant and reliable life style news to the site’s audiences. I have started my blogging journey in 2013.

I have great passion about blogging and spreading latest news to the interested people.

I am also a Freelance Writer and SEO Analyst.

Started From Love & Passion

In 2013 just after completing the graduation and banker’s training I was looking for having some professional training about blogging and affiliate marketing. After a successful tour I have came to know about a company named DevsTeam and finally got admitted here. Day by day I am reaching at the very near of my dream, love and passion. That time I have started my journey as a freelance writer at Upwork (former Odesk). After a harder trying finally got a job of  US $2500. After a successful completion of this job I have got 5 star feedback too. Through this job I have started my journey.

Besides freelance writing I am trying to own a niche site and launched a WordPress site about life insurance and iPhone.

Why You Should Need To Stay with Top Life Style News ?

Today we are here to deliver people realistic top life style news, due to make their life more easier and comfortable for ever than their dreamed imagination. From my point of view life is so easy if you are a positive good thinker, choosy, passionate helper.

If you are interested to have more information and share something with us please don’t hesitate to make a successful tour at our Contact Us page.

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